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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Are you ready for a bargain? This one's hard to believe, but if you've been in the market for an iPad and don't mind grabbing the original iPad instead of its upgraded sister, iPad 2, then RIGHT NOW is the time to buy.

Apple is now offering brand new, shiny iPads for a measly $399 on its clearance website. And if you're a true bargain hunter and don't mind buying remanufactured products, Apple is now offering certified refurbished iPads for - are you ready? - only $349. That's $150 cheaper than what new iPads cost only a few days ago.

If you've never bought refurbished from Apple before, don't fret. I ONLY buy refurbished from Apple for two big reasons. The first is obvious: Price. The second reason is that I believe refurbished products are even better than the originals. Apple takes a returned product, cleans it, gives it a new outer shell and battery, resets it and replaces any defective parts with newer ones that have been tested and tweaked. In other words, they get the bugs out. In nearly 10 years of buying refurbished from Apple, I've had very few problems. And if you do have a problem, refurbished products come with the same one-year warranty as new products.

Now keep in mind two things: (1) These are NOT the newly announced iPad 2 tablets, but the original iPads, which do not have cameras and have the single-core processor. (2) iPads at these prices (even if they're not the iPad 2) will SELL FAST so hurry and grab one if you're interested. Another thing to remember is that the $399 version is for the 16GB, WiFi only iPad. Prices for the other versions are as follows ...

New iPads on clearance (WiFi only):

  • 16GB = $399
  • 32GB = $499
  • 64GB = $599
  • 16GB = $529
  • 32GB = $629
  • 64GB = $729
  • 16GB = $349
  • 32GB = $429
  • 64GB = $529
  • 16GB = $479
  • 32GB = $559
  • 64GB = $659
So, have fun and happy iPadding.