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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2: The photos

Since posting my earlier blog, I've been able to glean a few pictures of Apple's iPad 2 from the Web (the picture attached to first blog was of the original iPad). Notice the small hole on the left side of the above picture? That's for the front-facing camera, which, similar to the iPhone 4, can be used for FaceTime, etc.

And here's the white iPad 2. Nothing much different. It's the same thing, just white. I'm still partial to the black version myself, but that's just me.

The biggest physical change to the iPad comes from behind, where the new version sports a flat back side with tapered edges. The speaker grill at the bottom is a little larger and, of course, there is a hole at the top for the rear-facing camera, which is capable of shooting video in high-definition (720p).

Remember to check back frequently for more updates about the iPad 2 and check out my upcoming blog post on the iPad's competition, and which tablets give you the most bang for your buck.