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Friday, February 4, 2011

Big-screen iPhone

So, you love your iPhone and are amazed at its functions, compactness and all-around awesomeness, except for one thing: That tiny 3 1/2 inch screen. Sure, Apple's Retina display is an amazing leap forward in technology - cramming 960 X 640 pixels into that tiny space - but even at high definition, there's something disappointing about watching the finale of Avatar in the palm of your hand.

Enter the MiLi Phone Projector. This little gadget takes the video output from your iPhone and, from the other side, the LED pico projector shoots out video up to 70 inches wide onto a screen or wall. And while the price isn't cheap, it's definitely less expensive than buying a flat-panel or rear projection TV.

And as of the writing of this blog (Feb. 4, 2010), the projector is on sale at ThinkGeek for $299, which is the best deal I could find on the Web. If you're a gadget geek like I am, then this little thing will be at the top of your wish list. So get the popcorn popped, the Kool-aid (or legal beverage) chilled, and invite all your friends over to check out "Goodfellas" on your new 70 inch big screen projection TV. They'll be amazed, I'm sure.